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Canine Psychology Training




Puppy Classes:

- Up to 6 months old

- 1 hour/$15 per dog

- Group class (5 pups) $10 per dog

- Class will cover: Proper socialization, name recall, sit, stay, down, and walking on a leash.


Daycare Dogs, Individual Training:

- $10 for an hour of individual training time

- Will work on name recall, sit, down, stay, and walking on a leash.

- For dogs that have graduated basic obedience, more advanced training can be worked on;        shake, fetch... 


Behavior Issues:

- Initial assessment 1 hour/$20; 1 month of follow up training, 1 time per week $40 package.

- Prices may vary depending on the behavior issue that needs work.

- Behavior Issues that can be covered; aggressive, possessive, anxious, proper socialization

  with humans/ animals, or basic obedience.

- After one month of meeting once a week dog will be re-evaluated.

- The main goal is to have a Balanced dog.


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