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Dog Days Lodge & Day Lounge

 Doggie Daycare with Sleepovers

We offer all the comforts of home

customizing to each dog's needs.

  This is where your dogs want to be.

Kennels are more like a prison and can be very traumatizing for your dog. Your dog is already anxious that you're leaving them….in a strange place. They're whisked away to the kennel area and upon entering the room erupts with dogs barking and charging at the gates. Your dog is terrified.
                                                                This is NOT where your dog wants to be.


                                                                      We have a stress free environment.
At Dog Days the dogs are welcome to socialize and play or just lounge around, both inside and outside, all day long. During your dogs stay they will be supervised by a "House Parent" while in group play. When a "House Parent" is not present to supervise, the dogs are separated into their own individual play area.”


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