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       Daycare is an open social environment where all of the dogs hang out together. New members are required to have a "meet & greet" session prior to joining. This gives us time to get to get to know your dog better and gives your dog an opportunity to become more familiar with the environment. We need to be sure this is the best environment for every dog.   


        We're one big family and each dog has their own happiness. Some dogs are more playful and others prefer to just relax. During group play we go outside and back in several times a day and the dogs are supervised by one of our "house parents". Between noon and 2pm we have quiet time. This is also known to the dogs as "happy time". During this time the dogs are separated and given snacks, chews, peanut butter Kongs and other tasty treats to enjoy. 




           For sleepovers, all dogs are required to successfully complete a "meet & greet" and at least one day of daycare. We need to be 100% sure this is going to be the best environment for all dogs.


Daycare is included with all sleepovers at no extra charge, after all, to us daycare comes first. On your dogs day of arrival they're welcome to come as early as 7am but no later than 4pm. We like to give your dog time to settle in before the "house parent" leaves for the evening.

We welcome you to bring whatever your dog loves to sleep in, on or with. We try to keep thing as close to "home" as we can for your dog. 




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