What are the hours ?         

  • Daycare:

       Monday - Friday

             7am - 6pm


             7am - Noon


  • Sleepovers:

       Check In:

       Monday - Friday 

              7am - 10am  

              2pm - 4pm


       Check Out:

       7days a week

              8am - 9am (Late check out 5pm additional $15)                       



Reservations are required



     Required Vaccinations?

  • rabies  (over 4 months old)

  • distemper (dhlpp) (parvo/ distemper)

  • bordatella 

  • parasite free fecal 

  • no fleas/ ticks

  • on heartworm & flea preventiative

  • spayed or neutered ( over 7 months old)


       What is appropriate attire?

  • All dogs should wear a quick release collar with current rabies tag attached.


       What breeds do we allow?

  • We do not discriminate against any breed

  • Every dog has a temperament test before

       being allowed at Dog Days.

  •  We cannot accept aggressive dogs.


       Do we accept intact dogs?

  • As a general rule the answer is no. All males must be neutered by 6 months and females by 9 months. (we do make exceptions)